A Penitent Heart 

There is just one word that has been laid on my heart for 2017:


2017 needs to be a year of repentance. Now repentance should be, just as worship is, a lifestyle.
A lifestyle of turning away from dead works and putting aside every single dead weight of sin that so easily entangles. Read More

Allah is not Yahweh

My Christmas this year was one of a kind. VERY different to every other Christmas i’ve had in all my 20 years of life!

I spent it not just in Nigeria, but in my paternal grandmother’s village. My family hosted and fed guests from all parts of the village. I encountered Muslims, Read More

Be a light in your home

Matthew 5:16 – Let you light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

This Christmas holidays i’m spending time in Nigeria with my family. It has been years since we’ve all been together for an extended period of time; My siblings are all grown up and my parents, though still married, are temporarily living in separate countries.

It has been amazing having such a reunion as I’ve been able to relearn the personalities of my siblings and parents. I’m so grateful to God for my family, and i’ve learned not to take it for granted because not everyone had a stable upbringing.

However, I didn’t know how the change in dynamics and environment could effect my relationship with Christ, but it has. Read More

Your Heart, first.

Dearest daughter,

I see you working, I see you toiling and serving in my name, but first I want your heart.

The innermost part of your being that is seated deeply in your core. It is a precious jewel that only my hands can carry with care.

Will you trust me with Read More