The Pursuit of Authenticity and Truth

As we usher out 2020 and usher in 2021, I am convinced that there are multiple things that will change for all of us. We have had an extraordinary year, and as the politicians love to say “we are in unprecedented times”. Indeed we are, and things continue to be uncertain with change hitting us from all angles. Maybe for you it’ll be your job, your location, a family arrangement or more deeply a destructive mindset and attitude you’ve held onto years. One of the things that is certainly changing for me is the way I serve and edify the Church by using my spiritual gifts online.

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The Power of Persistent Prayer

Hey sis, do you believe in the power of prayer?

How’s your prayer life?

How often do you strategically petition God for things you earnestly desire? Do you contend and wrestle with God in prayer, or do you get swept up in doubt, grow weary and eventually fail to keep making your requests known?

I’ve been in the place of doubting the Lord and lacking faith many times to my shame. I sometimes get discouraged when I feel as though God isn’t hearing me, answering me quick enough or answering in the way I think is best. Recently I’ve been greatly encouraged by the Parable of the Persistent Widow. Studying this passage of scripture has in many ways transformed how I approach praying to the Father in heaven.

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My spiritual gifts are….September Faith Challenge!

Hello beloved daughters of the Most High!

In the month of September, I am challenging YOU to discover your spiritual gifts and use them to serve others in love, build up your community of believers and bring glory to Christ.

If this is an area you have become lukewarm in, or haven’t availed yourself to opportunities, here we are entering September for a rekindle.

What are spiritual gifts?

They are God’s gift to you – a tool in your hand to build the kingdom of God one day at a time. When you become a sincere follower of Christ, repent of your sin and walk with him, you are sealed and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Your spiritual gifts are the evidence of the Holy Spirit living in you and he uses them to work through you for the good of others, especially the Church.

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Flourish Book Club – Beginning 2022!

Do you love to read? Are you looking to meet and grow with other influential Christian women? Have you got a desire to become more rooted and grounded in your faith?

Then why not register your interest in joining the Flourish Book Club!


An intimate community of Christian women who read and grow together, one page at a time.

Psalm 92:13~ Those who are planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.


Christians who read fewer books are less educated, assertive, and rooted in their Christian beliefs than those who read more frequently. If you’d like to step into more this 2022 and turn a new leaf do join us. We can’t wait to welcome you!

(More details will be sent out to all who register.)

In God

A short inspired poem I wrote about placing my trust in God alone, and depending on him for salvation, sanctification and strength through the diverse seasons of life. If you find yourself needing a reminder about His character and promises read this, and also spend the next week meditating in the book of psalms.

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Candle Light Words

A journal entry // 19.2.21; 21:30

I sat there, looking in the mirror and seeing the woman I am becoming. Oh how I have grown, matured and developed. No longer am I the misguided, headstrong, foolish and self-absorbed kidult that I was half a decade ago. When God says in His word that he makes all things new, that he has the power to turn hearts which ever way he wills, he is being dead serious.

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