Overcoming Mind battles | Biblical Tips

How do we overcome the battles of the mind?

Mind battles are a struggle that is common to man, however I don’t think that as Children of the Most High, we are to be slaves to anything except righteousness. Be encouraged that whatever mind battle you are facing right now, you have the victory because Christ has set you free Read More

The Gospel

What’s the major difference between a Christian and an Unbeliever? Good works? Church attendance? Sinlessness? No

The blood of Christ. Jesus Christ is the difference.

Without faith in him, we are exactly the same as every Unbeliever: Sinners destined for hell and everlasting damnation. Keep on reading!

Allah is not Yahweh

My Christmas this year was one of a kind. VERY different to every other Christmas i’ve had in all my 20 years of life!

I spent it not just in Nigeria, but in my paternal grandmother’s village. My family hosted and fed guests from all parts of the village. I encountered Muslims, Read More