Cambodia 2017: Christ The Savior

In March 2017, my team and I went on a mission trip preparation camp with other teams also being sent out for missions. We were tasked by the programme leaders to prepare the 15 minute segment before the main sermon of an evangelical outreach service. It was to include worship, a testimony and a performance item all centered around the theme of “Christ The Savior”. Read More

Jesus, You are

There is no point without You. Jesus, You are the reason. You are the prize. You are my song. You are mine.

You are the Door. You shows me the way to go and the path to walk in. You are my protector, keeping me from the wolves and shielding me from the evil one. Through you I find the green pasture. Through you I have salvation.

You are the Light. I live in a dark world, I know. The days are evil, but in the midst of it all I hold the Light. Jesus, You are that light and You can never be hidden. Your light shines and the darkness can not comprehend it. You illuminate my soul and brighten up my whole life with your joy and peace. Read More


Lord I give you my mouth.. but it’s okay to curse, to speak badly of those who speak badly of me.

*whilst praising your name, down on my knees*

Out of my mouth proceeds blessing and cursing.

That’s only fair, that’s how it should be.



Lord I give you my ears.. but I’ll listen to the music that I want to. Little do I know,

the seductive beat, Read More

Your Heart, first.

Dearest daughter,

I see you working, I see you toiling and serving in my name, but first I want your heart.

The innermost part of your being that is seated deeply in your core. It is a precious jewel that only my hands can carry with care.

Will you trust me with Read More

Battles of the mind

Waking up to lustful thoughts racing in your mind, you wonder how they got there or what triggered it. Maybe it was that show you watched last night, the guy you’ve been speaking to or the pop-up ad that you looked at for a little too long.

Every second you spend thinking on it is a little deeper you get into the trap. Entangled in your fantasies and crossing boundaries that you’re meant to keep. Right now it’s time to make a choice. Read More