The Pursuit of Authenticity and Truth

As we usher out 2020 and usher in 2021, I am convinced that there are multiple things that will change for all of us. We have had an extraordinary year, and as the politicians love to say “we are in unprecedented times”. Indeed we are, and things continue to be uncertain with change hitting us from all angles. Maybe for you it’ll be your job, your location, a family arrangement or more deeply a destructive mindset and attitude you’ve held onto years. One of the things that is certainly changing for me is the way I serve and edify the Church by using my spiritual gifts online.

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A Sobering Reflection on Birthdays

Birthdays. I love them!

I remember as I child I always used to get SO excited around my birthday. It was the time to celebrate, laugh, enjoy good food and music, open up lovely gifts and experience the love and attention from family and friends. It was also exciting because having a birthday meant getting older, smarter, having more responsibility and privileges in the household and also in society at large. Read More

What is eternal life?

John 17:3: And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.

I hope this video will encourage and spur you onto pursue intimacy with God through his Son Jesus Christ.



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Life lesson: Not all who profess Christ possess Christ | Part 3

It has been a very long time coming (I will soon write another post explaining why..) but here we are with Part 3 of our Life lesson series. This last part is a lesson in spiritual discernment and the need to actively exercise it daily.

Life lesson: Not all who profess Christ possess Christ.

What does this mean? Not everyone who says they are a Christian is in close fellowship with Christ, partake of the Holy spirit and have been born again. This is what we see being described of by Jesus in Matthew 7. Many self proclaiming believers passionately called Jesus Lord, and told him about all the wonderful things they had done “in his name” but what was his response? He told them to depart. Why? because their deeds were evil and they were leading lawless lives. Read More

Consecration | Bible Study Notes

Do you understand the meaning of CONSECRATION? What does it look like to live SET APART as a woman in this generation?

If you want to find out the answers to these questions then these bible study notes that I wrote almost two years ago will provide you with good biblical guidance and counsel on the topic (download from the link below). Read More