My spiritual gifts are….September Faith Challenge!

Hello beloved daughters of the Most High!

In the month of September, I am challenging YOU to discover your spiritual gifts and use them to serve others in love, build up your community of believers and bring glory to Christ.

If this is an area you have become lukewarm in, or haven’t availed yourself to opportunities, here we are entering September for a rekindle.

What are spiritual gifts?

They are God’s gift to you – a tool in your hand to build the kingdom of God one day at a time. When you become a sincere follower of Christ, repent of your sin and walk with him, you are sealed and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Your spiritual gifts are the evidence of the Holy Spirit living in you and he uses them to work through you for the good of others, especially the Church.

For example, one of my spiritual gifts are teaching.

My ability to teach was made apparent to me initially before I came to Christ. I got involved in tutoring, mentoring and teaching small group supervisions at sixth form and university. I enjoyed educating, clarifying misconceptions, explaining complex concepts in a simple manner, and helping those coming up behind me to be better than I was. When I came to Christ I came to know that this was now a supernatural spiritual gift that could be used in the capacity of building up women in Christ to know God and walk blamelessly before him. That’s how I got the vision to started my blog and YouTube channel, and the rest is history.

I remember when I didn’t know what my gifts were and it turned almost into a mystical thing, but as I searched the scriptures I saw multiple references which lead me into study and prayer (I’ve linked good resources for these at the end of the post if you need to do the same). Being surrounded by other believers also helped me to discover my gifts because they would notice what I was skilled at, and God often used others to confirm the gifts he desired for me to develop and use.

If at this stage you don’t know what your spiritual gifts are then this is a perfect opportunity to pray and seek God’s face about it.

Why are spiritual gifts important?

I’ve touched on this a little, but let’s go deeper.

Spiritual gifts are specially selected and appointed to you by the Father when you join his family as a beloved child. He carefully fashioned a gift for you in order that you may use it to minister to him and build up the church at large, and more locally with those that you regularly worship and fellowship with. It is an honour to be crowned by God with such gift, so don’t take it lightly. Also, to withhold or refrain from using your gifts in the right season means that you are being an unfaithful steward of God’s grace and also depriving your brothers and sisters (and yourself) of edification.

Freely you have received, freely give.

Matthew 10:8B

What Is The Challenege?

The September Faith Challenge is in two parts, depending on which stage you find yourself in this area. See the images below and download the one which is most appropriate to you!

I am praying that as you throw your whole self into this challenge that you’ll get answers, clarity and direction for how God desires to use you as a vessel of honour!

Some final points to note:

  • Don’t operate in your flesh on this, truly seek God.
  • You will not have all of the spiritual gifts, you’ll have a few. You may also not have the gift that you want but what you do have you are ADEQUATELY AND TOTALLY EQUIPPED TO USE.
  • Continue growing in your gifts and desire them earnestly, the Lord is pleased when we do his work.

Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.

1 corinthians 14:1

I’ll love to hear how you get on – drop me a comment below letting me know you’re in, or an email:


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