In God

A short inspired poem I wrote about placing my trust in God alone, and depending on him for salvation, sanctification and strength through the diverse seasons of life. If you find yourself needing a reminder about His character and promises read this, and also spend the next week meditating in the book of psalms.

In God

In God do I place my hope alone,

In God do I finally find my home.

In God I am free from chains of the past,

In God I have found a love that I know will last.

No matter how great a trial I walk through,

Jesus remains the one that I cling to.

I will not worry, I will not fear,

I believe your promise to always be near.

Help me O God to learn your ways,

To turn from my sin and seek your face.

My spirit is willing, but my flesh very weak

Come O Holy Spirit and make me meek

Expose every dark thing, shine your light

Because your perfect presence is my greatest delight.

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