Cambodia 17: A memorable journal entry

This is one of the very memorable journal entries I wrote whilst I was on the mission trip. Reading it now takes me back to the very moment and touches me just the same.


“Day 3/27; 27 May 2017

Today my team and I spent our morning praying and fellowshipping with a small community of Christian students. It was wonderful coming together with such a diverse group of believers whilst all being united in our love for Christ. I was able to have deep conversations with a few of the students, and one guy in particular shared with me his testimony of conversion which really touched me.

He grew up as a Buddhist and was repeatedly told that Christianity was a western religion. He was taught from a young age to hate Jesus and he even admitted to me that he despised Christians. His life really hit rock bottom at the age of 15 when he became an orphan after losing his mum in a motor car accident. He then moved into an orphanage and there he met Christ and made Him Lord and Savior over his life.

As he spoke and opened up his heart to me, I could see the pain in his eyes but I also knew that he had such a deep love for God and a heart of gratitude for his salvation because he kept on saying “I didn’t choose God, he chose me”. He then went on to tell me that it has been really hard for him to become a Christian in Cambodia. He regularly faces opposition and the temptation to go back to buddhism, but strongly desires to live the rest of his life committed to Christ.
I then prayed with Him for boldness and courage and also faith and endurance to finish his race faithfully, then we parted. This encounter has left a lasting print on my mind and I will spend a long time reflecting and praying on these things.”


Here are some of the tough questions I asked myself and maybe you should to ask yourself these too:
1. What aspects of my life do I take for granted? What do I need to be more grateful to God for?

2. How committed am I to Christ now without such a level of persecution? How can I be more committed to Christ?

3. What part can I play to actively fulfill the great commission and share the good news of Christ to those who are lost?

(Feel free to share your responses in the comments section below!)

Please pray for Cambodia, The deception of idol worship is very strong and the persecution on the small community of believers is intense. May God show his mercy and kindness towards this nation.

-JO Adeluola


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