Cambodia 2017: Christ The Savior

In March 2017, my team and I went on a mission trip preparation camp with other teams also being sent out for missions. We were tasked by the programme leaders to prepare the 15 minute segment before the main sermon of an evangelical outreach service. It was to include worship, a testimony and a performance item all centered around the theme of “Christ The Savior”.

I put myself forward to work on the performance item and wrote this short piece (It has been edited and tweaked a little since then). This poem is meant to embody and share the gospel message in a very personal way. I set out to inform unbelievers of what Christ accomplished at His first coming and expose the faults of our human nature that he came to restore. I also wanted it to serve as a reminder to believers of the finished works of Christ and the life we now have through his death and resurrection.

I hope you enjoy this and also I would love to hear your comments & feedback as I may have to do a similar thing for real in Cambodia!

For God so loved the world that he gave.

Jesus Christ came to save,

Save me from judgement

And eternal punishment.


Like the advocate of a guilty criminal

Jesus Christ took the fall

and appeased the Just Judge

Through His precious blood.


He was bruised and was scorned

On His head the crown of thorns.

He hung, He bled,

He died.


But 3 days later

just like He said He would:

He did rise.


His sinless life and sacrifice

paid the price to give me life.

To give you life.

In him we live.



For God so loved the world that he gave.

Jesus Christ came to save,

Save me from slavery to sin

and cleanse me deep within.


I was fast drowning in my sin

Gasping for breath.

No power of my own,

helpless, hopeless.


He stretched out His hand

and pulled me to the land.

He revealed to me The Light.

to expose to me my dark.


A hard and desperately wicked heart

with evil thoughts only.

Now being softened by the Teacher

Working to present me as holy.


I am sealed by His spirit,

I am born of God.

I have no fear of condemnation,

Because Christ has overcome the world.


To him be all the glory, forever and ever.



 JO Adeluola


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