Your Heart, first.

Dearest daughter,

I see you working, I see you toiling and serving in my name, but first I want your heart.

The innermost part of your being that is seated deeply in your core. It is a precious jewel that only my hands can carry with care.

Will you trust me with it?

“Trust in me, lean on my divine wisdom and I’ll direct your paths.”


Come back to me.

We haven’t spoken for a while, you’ve been so busy. It’s time to unlock your inner Mary.

(c) Walker Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Sit at My feet and let Me tell you of all the thoughts I have towards you; too many to be numbered. We’ll be here a while..

Beloved, listen. My boundaries are for your protection, clothed in my perfect love because I see the hate that’s lurking on the other side.

I want to guard you, guide you, protect you, love you. But you’ve got to be all in.

So first I need your heart.


“Present it to me on the alter of your life, not to be taken back for even a moment.”

That’s trust. That’s service. That’s sacrifice.

Let’s do life eternity together; knowing that it is I who planned your end and everything before that. Let me reveal my will to you, in my perfect timing.


Be still and know that I am God.

I see you working; be still

I see you toiling; be still

I see you serving in my name; be still!

First I want your heart.

This is God’s cry to many of us right now who are weary and dry from our works. Let’s return back to the secret place. Let’s offer God our hearts anew as a sacrifice, and receive the living water we so desperately need to press on in our journey. Press on with Jesus, trust in Jesus, lean on Jesus and walk in the path of life everlasting.

JO Adeluola


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