Battles of the mind

Waking up to lustful thoughts racing in your mind, you wonder how they got there or what triggered it. Maybe it was that show you watched last night, the guy you’ve been speaking to or the pop-up ad that you looked at for a little too long.

Every second you spend thinking on it is a little deeper you get into the trap. Entangled in your fantasies and crossing boundaries that you’re meant to keep. Right now it’s time to make a choice.

Choose Jesus.

Don’t be enticed by the flesh, it births death. Don’t let these thoughts turn into actions  – open your mouth and SPEAK. The word of God, the sword of the Spirit. Every single thought must be taken captive into the obedience of


For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood..

Remembering that Satan is underneath your foot and he’s lies only hold power when you believe them. But the truth sets free. Remember you are free.

Peace. Peace like the world can’t give, but the peace that Jesus gives.

You are a conqueror. Sharpen your sword because the next trial is only around

the corner.

We gain control over our actions by first controlling what happens in the thought realm. Every single thought that sets itself up against Christ must be taken captive and placed under the submission to the word. When you begin to master your thoughts through the Word of God, you’ll begin to walk in line with the Spirit.

JO Adeluola


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